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Working with Giovanni Vidotto is a wonderful experience every time.  He makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin and truly makes you feel like a model. I have never left his studio feeling like I should have done something differently. If we don’t get it how we want it to look, we try and try again.

The way his mind works is incredible and it starts to make you think. I’ve done things with Giovanni I never thought I could do before and I feel more amazing about myself and my body every time I walk out that front door.

His spirit when he’s behind that camera is incredible. I’ve had a friend come with me one time, who has never done any sort of modeling before and he can’t wait to do it again.  Once he saw the end product of Giovanni’s photos of us he was amazed with how he looked.

How Giovanni transforms the photos is absolutely outstanding. I love working with him immensely, every time it’s a new experience, and it has never been the same. He works with his models, he doesn’t just tell them what to do, he listens and accepts what you have to say to the full extent of it.

He’s an incredibly talented man and I’m very happy I was connected with him in my life.






0S6A7415webMy partner Harley and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Giovanni, and the experience is one that will take more words than I know to describe how felt about the shoot.

I have a hard time believing that I’m a beautiful person.  At a younger age, I was sexually abused and after that I lost a lot of confidence in myself.  I thought that there was something wrong with me and I wasn’t pretty enough.  Even though my partner tells me on a daily basis that I’m beautiful, I somehow manage to find what I think are flaws.

When Giovanni asked me to do the shoot I was very nervous at first.  I was thinking “Oh gosh, I’m going to need to lose weight and have my makeup and hair done perfectly”.  After reading the booklet that goes over what to expect from the shoot, I got very excited, and couldn’t wait to create with him and Harley.

On the day of the shoot Harley asked me not to wear any makeup and to show up with a fresh face and open mind.

When we got there we talked for a while with Giovanni and went over the booklet.  We talked about what Harley and I would be comfortable with and what Giovanni could post to Facebook, etc.  This was a really great first impression because Giovanni made us both feel comfortable and at ease.

Once we started taking photos, Giovanni was very patient and calm with us.  He was forming our bodies in ways we weren’t used to, so when we needed a breather we would all take one and get back to creating beautiful images.  I felt kind of silly at first, I felt self conscious and I wasn’t sure how I looked in the pictures.  When Giovanni showed us, I was in shock.  I looked absolutely stunning.  And my partner the same.  After the shoot, Harley  and I were able to pick ones that we wanted edited and ones we wanted for ourselves.

Over the course of weeks, Giovanni would send a couple at a time.  The first picture that was sent, I burst into tears.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I couldn’t believe it was me.  Each picture he sent, the more and more I fell in love with myself and my partner.  This was a truly magical experience and I would recommend this to anyone.  Doesn’t matter what size or how old you are.

Thank you for showing me that I truly am beautiful Giovanni.  I can’t wait for our next shoot in October.  You’re a wonderful person and an even more incredible photographer.









I recently modeled for a photo shoot with Giovanni.  From the moment I met him, Giovanni radiated compassion and kindness.  He encouraged me to be myself for the shoot, and made me feel comfortable enough that I was easily able to do so.

He communicated that he wanted who I was to shine through in the photos.  He asked me to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas, but he also gently guided me, so that, together, we came up with amazing shots.  

After a pose, he would show me my photo, and I was so amazed at his ability to capture my body and my face in such a beautiful way, and with such artistic expression, I felt like a goddess for the whole duration.  And the shots blew me away in the end.

I was so impressed with the combination of professionalism, skill, attention to artistic detail, along with his kindness that led me to feel comfortable enough to express myself in a carefree way.  Such a rare combination, and an incredibly powerful experience for me.  I radiated confidence for days after my shoot.








What a great experience we had working with Giovanni!  I can’t wait for our outdoor shoot!!!  Right from the start he made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

His studio is bright, clean and welcoming with a beautiful little sitting area where we sat while Giovanni introduced himself to us and explained how he works and what to expect during our photo shoot.  It was a fantastic experience!

Giovanni was very professional and his direction was easy to follow.  He created a safe space where I felt I could be myself and share my ideas.  I really loved how he took the time between to show me that pictures we had just taken before we moved on.  And what quality pictures they were!! I cannot wait to see the rest of them!!

I decided to become involved in this project because of the quality and artistry I had seen displayed in photos of previous models and I’m so glad I did!!!








Photo shoots with Giovanni are always an elevating and enriching experience.  I’ve been a model for the Human Form Project about three times in the past few years.  Each time we get together a safe and freely creative environment is created.  With each shoot different sides and expressions of myself have emerged, the way in which I perceive myself as a person has evolved greatly. 

Giovanni puts his heart and soul not only into shooting the photos but editing as well.  Black and whites along with colour, the results are nothing short of breathtaking.  Each image created is a true work of art and a gift to be treasured for the rest of your life. 

I highly recommend participating in the Human Form Project to anyone who feels drawn to it.  It is a rare opportunity for true potent personal expression.  I look forward to creating even more beautiful images in the future and I am excited to see where Giovanni’s artist passion leads!  Cheers!











When we showed up for our photo shoot, my partner and I had an awareness of what a nude photo shoot might look like.  Giovanni made sure that we had read the material and looked at many examples of his work. However, we could not be prepared for the wonderful feeling and connection we were left with at the time we left eight hours later.

From beginning to end, Giovanni remained composed and courteous to our requests for certain postures, as well as ensured that we were completely comfortable with his suggestions.  The shoot had in it elements of Eros, and although Giovanni takes his work very seriously, he still remains light, inspired and fun.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience, and would completely do it again.










My experience with Giovanni was amazing, he is a very talented photographer and a beautiful human being. My photo shoot with Giovanni was relaxing , professional and truly an amazing experience . Giovanni allows the magic that’s within all of us to be shown through his camera! All the time making sure that all your needs are met, and that you are comfortable in every way.

I would recommend to anyone to experience this release of self. To allow Giovanni to open up your internal smile, and discover the real you! His quality of work is exceptional, his photos amazing.

I found it to be an experience that I would do again anytime! I am 65 years old and life is just started, this time I shared with Giovanni, was a gift to my journey! Thank you Giovanni Vidotto. Everyone should try this, to open your experiences for yourself.







All my life I have been insecure about my body.  I wear baggy clothes constantly, so when Giovanni asked me to model I was shocked.  Scared as well, but the more I spoke with him and saw his amazing photographs, my fear vanished.  I gained confidence in his kind words and talent through his lens.  Giovanni is truly an artist.

Meeting Giovanni face to face in his studio was wonderful.  His gentle and gracious demeanor welcomed me and put me at ease right away.

He spent the time explaining everything step by step,  and showed me his studio.  He answered all my questions and gave me space to change.  It was such a comfortable experience; I would return in a heartbeat.

Never been a model before, I was blank for ideas on how to place my body.  It was always much easier to just hide it.  Giovanni gave great direction and ideas throughout my shoot, never missing a beat.  His knowledge of his camera and lights impressed me, and watching him work was inspiring.

I was truly amazed at the end of the shoot that I was nude for over four hours and completely comfortable and at ease with someone I had just met.  He understood my discomforts and was always attentive to how I was feeling throughout the shoot. Thank you so very much Giovanni for your wonderful hospitality and for making this experience memorable!!





Dean & Carole

dean & carole





Our experience with Giovanni was great!  His kind demeanor and professionalism put us at ease right away.  throughout the shoot Giovanni’s style of communication made our time easy and fun.  And, we couldn’t be happier with the results!  We highly recommend him and this experience!












I thoroughly enjoyed working with Giovanni.  He is very professional and goes to great lengths to make sure his models are comfortable with everything.  I appreciate that he will completely delete any photo that a model is uncomfortable with.  In this digital age that is important.  My experience was very positive and I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful photos from my shoot. Thank you Giovanni!










Giovanni has an incredible talent with the camera and is able to capture the most vulnerable and deepest parts of your psyche through his art. He not only allows you to express yourself throughout a shoot but also encourages and inspires you’re own creativity in the process. He creates a very comfortable open space to work in and I look forward to working with him again in the future.











Working with Giovanni has always been a pleasure. He is one of the most respectful and professional photographers that I have known. Dedicated to his craft, he works endlessly to achieve his vision. His creations shine light on the fact that all of us are beautiful; every shape, size and colour. Reminding us that every single one of us should be celebrated and showered with love.









Working with Giovanni was a fantastic and very valuable experience.  My support person and I had a wonderful time and we all got along great right from the start.  The atmosphere was fun yet relaxed, and focused yet open to creative collaboration.  Giovanni was always respectful.  I felt more than comfortable throughout the entire shoot and free to be myself.  His encouraging words, extensive knowledge and positive attitude was a great energy to be around.  Giovanni has a natural talent for capturing the soul within, and a master when it comes to working with natural lighting.  I am very impressed with how the shots turned out, and would definitely love to work with him again!













The day of the shoot I felt confident, comfortable, and in charge.  Giovanni’s style of work is thorough, sensitive and leaves you feeling as if nothing could have been missed.  He’s very conscious of his model and this shows through the finished product, but as the model, you can feel this before and during the shoot as well.  A lot of work goes into a shoot – however, Giovanni does his prep and post work effortlessly, and the day of the shoot flies by because of his organization.  It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I highly, highly recommend him.









My experience from beginning to end creating with Photographer, Giovanni Vidotto for the Human Form Project has been a stellar experience. His professionalism and standards of respectfulness are beyond approach.

His motivation and passion for his craft makes him sought after for those who become and are a part of this project and experience.

Giovanni conducted himself with nothing less than a gentlemanly presence and his processes to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and guaranteed that they and he, are protected, are fulfilled in his booklet with all the guidelines covered as well as reiterated in the conversations he has with each participant, model and the assistant.

His premise for the project, which in his words are; created to capture the best features of a person’s natural beauty, and to present them tastefully and elegantly in well crafted photographs.  This he has completed and stood by.

His integrity and respect for his models and the experience, makes it a pleasure to work with him. The outcome of the photographs were indeed tasteful and classy and represented our conversations well.

I would highly recommend Giovanni Vidotto to anyone who is looking for a Photographer that is all about capturing the essence of their magical presence.  High praise dear man for following your dream! Thank you for the gift of having me be a part of this wonderful photographic endeavor.









I recently had the pleasure of working with Giovanni on The Human Form Project.  This was my first time modelling for photography and didn’t quite know what to expect.  He explained everything in great detail and made sure that all my concerns were addressed.  He was very respectful and made my comfort a top priority.  During the shoot he guided me in an encouraging and positive manner which enabled me to step outside my comfort zone.  We worked together, collaborating the types of images we wanted to produce while giving me the final say.  The end results were shockingly beautiful.














When Giovanni told me about The Human Form Project, and said that he was looking for models, I felt excited.  I have wanted to participate in a project like his for a few years.  His professional and respectful manner during the process and the shoot was greatly appreciated.  It made me feel more at ease, especially during the nude shots.  It was a magical experience, and I am very pleased with how the photos turned out.  I would definitely work with him again and refer him to others.













From the moment I initiated an interest in The Human Form Project to the end product of having numerous creative and inspirational images of myself, I knew that if I was ever going to do a project of this type that Giovanni was the perfect person. With a vast in-depth atunement and harmony with my authentic self, he was able to pick up on the subtle details which allowed us the freedom to take creative and beautiful photographs.  In addition, his dedication to all encompassing details with the project was astounding.  It was an absolute privilege to have collaborated with Giovanni and I would absolutely recommend seizing any opportunity you can to work with him.












Working with Giovanni was a special experience for me.  I wanted to capture intimate and high quality photographs of my pregnancy and I received many that represented that.  We had a great time figuring out what pictures and poses suited my needs and worked the best for me.  Giovanni always made sure I was comfortable and well supported during the photo session.  I love my photos and I would highly recommend him if you are interested in getting some high quality photos of yourself.













I highly recommend participating in The Human Form Project if you are looking to have some photos that you will still be showing off when you are old and have grandchildren.  I know a lot of people feel nervous or uneasy about doing a nude photo shoot but those feelings aren’t needed here.  Giovanni is a very professional photographer and his highest priority is making the model feel comfortable.  He greatly respected my privacy at all times and I never once felt unsure about the situation.  If you participate in this photo shot, you will be left with a hung self confidence boos which will only increase as soon as you see the first finished photo.














Working with Giovanni was a great experience. He quickly made me feel comfortable and treated me with much respect while taking the photographs.  We both enjoyed ourselves, we had fun, laughed and we were creative together.  It was nice to have his ideas, my ideas and my friend whom attended with me ideas.  We all collaborated together for a beautiful outcome.  Giovanni is sure to highlight your best features.  I am happy with both Giovanni and the beautiful photographs and look forward to working with him again.