Giovanni Vidotto


The Human Form Project began on February 2014…


…and this catalog of work presents my attempt at mastering a genre that has been foundational to the art of western civilization.

“Celebrating the uncommon beauty of common people” is the motto of the project, and reflects my vision that everyone is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re four feet tall and weigh two hundred pounds, or six feet and weigh ninety pounds – you’re in.

The photo shoot is guided by four principles: collaboration, communication, creativity, and fun.  The model, support person and photographer have unique roles, and collaborate as a team.  Open and frank communication is encouraged.  The model is more than a subject for photography; s/he is an integral part of the creative process.  Throughout the photo shoot a casual, spontaneous and free-flowing atmosphere is created.

I’m looking for individuals who differ in shape, size, age and configuration.  Disabilities are not impediments to being a model.  But you must be between the ages of nineteen and one hundred. Well…if you’re one hundred and one, I’ll make an exception.

The only requirements to creating spectacular images are enthusiasm, energy, industry, and natural creativity.  Being expressive with who you are is important, and I will help you with that.


One of the goals is to reveal not only the geometry of the human form but also to capture the essence of the individual.  I’m looking for real people, not Photoshop fantasies.

Participants have come from all over the Okanagan, and from as far away as Edmonton, Calgary, Dawson Creek, Victoria, Vancouver, United States, and China.

I invite you to enjoy the slideshows and galleries presented, and I encourage you to make comments.  On a daily basis, new photos will be uploaded to the blog.  If you want to be immediately updated to new posts, click the follow button found at the bottom of each blog post.

If you’re interested in participating click the Lounge menu button, and you will find a copy of the booklet that I send to all participating models.  It will tell you about the process of the photo shoot.  The model release is also found there, and it will explain how the photos will be used.  Also read the questions and answers found on the Information page.

If you have any questions, or are definitely interested in participating, you can contact me through Facebook Messenger, the Studio page, or by clicking the Contact menu button found at the top of any page, including this one.  I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you!