Fine-Art nude photography

An invitation to men, women, couples, and pregnant people


What is your vision for this project?

‘Celebrating the uncommon beauty of common people’ is the vision for this project. Beauty is not something a few people possess; it is everyone’s birthright, and  I hope to show this through the images I create with models, most of whom have never posed unclothed.  I strive to capture not only the physical elegance of common people, I also attempt to reveal their essence.


What do you mean by nude?

The project is not a boudoir or pinup style of photography.  It is a full-form, fine-art nude genre that focuses on the lines, shapes, and geometry of the human body. Throughout the course of the shoot some draping may occur with hands, arms, poses, shadowing, etc.

All nude poses are tasteful, elegant, and are built upon the best features of the person.  The photo shoot moves through three stages: clothed, semi-nude, and nude. The first two stages are preliminary ones designed to ease the model into the latter stage.


Why do you want to photograph people nude?

I appreciate the architecture of the human body, and I enjoy rendering  its lines, shapes, and forms. The nude is foundational to the art of Western Civilization; without it our unique culture would be impoverished when consideration is brought to bear on aspects of life such as architecture, mathematics, and philosophy.


Can the beauty of the human form not be captured while it’s clothed?

To quote Michelangelo: “And who is so barbarous as not to understand that the foot of a man is nobler than his shoe, and his skin nobler than that of the sheep with which he is clothed.”  The project is not a fashion event.  It is the person, not the clothing that is the star.


Why don’t you just use professional models?

Everyone has features that are beautiful; I’m not looking for standard forms of beauty.  The focus is on the natural beauty of ordinary people and on displaying it with minimal Photoshop intervention. Professional models have participated in this project, and have also contributed to the images that have been created.


Why would men and women want to participate?

People have participated for numerous reasons, such as preserving their best features in a moment of time; celebrating a union with their partner; working through body image issues; resolving low esteem about a disability; building a portfolio; regaining lost esteem, and so on.  There are as many reasons as participants.


What do you get out of it?

I get to evolve as a photographer, to become more versatile and to indulge the passion I have for art.  My skill level will continue to increase and I will build a well rounded portfolio.  In particular, because people have always been my passion, I get  to meet a great number of creative individuals.


What will you do with the photos?

When the photo shoot is finished, I will edit the photos and send them to you.  Photos will be published to my website(s).  No photo will be published to Facebook without your written permission which you may give or decline on the model release.  It will describe in more detail how the photos will be used.


Where is the photo shoot held?

It is held at Gioklik Studios in Glenmore, Kelowna; although photography may also occur outside or in other buildings if needed.  

My studio contains a full bathroom which acts as a change room; a living room where the orientation, breaks  and lunch occurs; two modelling areas; and a prop room.  Refrigerator, microwave, utensils, dishes, tea, bottled water, etc. is provided.


May I bring a support person with me?

Absolutely!  For details please read the Model’s Booklet found by clicking the “lounge” menu item at the top of this page.


What is the fee for the photo shoot?

A donation, no matter how small, is requested; however, if you cannot afford a donation the photo shoot is without charge.


How do I participate?

Go to the contact menu at the top of this page; there you will find information on how to reach me.  You may friend me on Facebook, and communicate via Facebook Messenger.  You may also connect via the Studio Page on this site.